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Getting the proper water well drilling service company for your new well is critical. You need a crew with the experience, knowledge, and proper equipment to provide you with a deep well in the right location on your property that will give you access to clean, potable water for a long time to come.

Leite Pump and Water Well provides Tracy, CA, and surrounding areas with water well drilling for every kind of property. We offer both air rotary and mud rotary drilling that can reach up to 1000 feet beneath the surface.

Our water well drilling services include the following:

Well Location—Leite Pump and Water Well helps you locate the proper place to put your well so as to maximize production, allow easy access for future service, and to avoid interference with existing systems such as electric lines or septic tanks. With our extensive experience and advanced technology, we find the optimal location to drill in accordance with all state and local guidelines.
Test Wells—We do test well drilling to ascertain the availability and quality of ground water under a parcel of land.
Domestic Wells—We provide wells for individual and domestic use. Call us before you begin building your home on a new property, and we’ll work with you to find the best location for your well so you can be assured of access to a source of potable water.
Commercial and Industrial Wells—Leite Pump and Water Well can handle the drill the water wells required to supply commercial and industrial operations.
Agricultural Wells—Make sure your irrigation systems are supplied with sufficient water. Our water well drilling ensures you have access to the water under your land.

Don’t mess around with your water. When you need dependable access to ground water, turn to the water well drilling service that you can rely on. Call Leite Pump and Water Well for a consultation and free quote on your new well today.

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